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    Audio-based navigation for everyone who
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    Reduce the number of people getting lost,
    speed their movement and increase your footfall
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    Make yours a truly Smart City with
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    Get first responders in your venue
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Who is Waymap ?

Waymap is unique in combining the most advanced indoor location technology with the highest expertise in providing inclusive services for vulnerable users.

We help our customers provide robust and inclusive navigation, emergency assistance and smart services to vision impaired and other users in their public spaces; be that transport, entertainment, retail, education or office. And we do this without infrastructure.

We are a commercial organisation with the passion to deliver a sustainable inclusive society and the technology to make it happen. We focus on user need and seek to create and source the very best in location and digital technology to make the greatest impact for the individual whilst delivering at scale.

Waymap is a member of the Wayfindr community and an active contributor to the emerging standards for audio-based navigation for those with vision and cognitive impairment.

How Waymap works

We help our customers make a rapid and lasting impact for all their users by being ...

mobile phone shape


Our free smartphone app learns; adapting to each user to deliver unprecedented independence, confidence and freedom of travel across multiple venues

dynamic route


Our dynamic routing gives our users the most up to date instructions without being tied to beacon or other fixed infrastructure

end to end


We consider the full day-in-the-life of our users and support end-to-end journeys across multiple venues and modes of transport whatever App they use

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We provide an agile and open digital platform for our customers to manage their facilities and deliver emergency support across transport hubs and public venues of all kinds

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We are the only solution designed by the team behind the open standard for audio-based navigation which was developed specifically to support the visually impaired community in public spaces



Waymap was born from the needs of the visually impaired community and remains a true champion of social inclusion. The reason we are commercial is to make a greater and more sustainable impact.

Our users truly rely on us

Our first goal is to give people confidence in public spaces whoever they are

  • Image of someone's feet looking for the edge of smart paving


    We aim to know where you are to half a metre; a single step.

    This is how accurate our calculation of location needs to be to deliver safe navigation to those with visual impairment. We need to be this accurate to deliver reliable audio-navigation to the ITU / Wayfindr standard.

  • Image of people navigating a road crossing


    True independence comes from confidence and keeping the user on track at all times is our priority.

    Waymap is built on proven world leading technology which has been enhanced and adapted to deliver a first in personal navigation. The technology knows when to be confident in its location and when to ask for more information.

  • Image of a bright young thing with misted glasses


    Waymap learns from our users - continually getting better at understanding how and where they walk.

    Advanced Machine Learning technology improves and adapts to each user and each venue. Waymap uses the latest data fusion and machine learning techniques to listen to the sensors on the phone and work out location and direction accurately and reliably.

  • Image of busy bus gangway from ground level


    Waymap is a true digital platform that delivers a seamless end-to-end experience across multiple venues and modes of transport.

    Use Waymap's smartphone app or build our libraries into yours; both are supported by a digital platform that gives our users freedom across all our partners and their locations making it seamless and familiar to use and economical to provide.

  • Image of older couple, with man leading his wife


    Personalised instructions are crafted for each user and each venue.

    Waymap's instructions are tailored for users of cane or guide dogs and match the venue. They also adapt according current stride length and speed of movement. These data are personal, secure and private and shared only if the user asks us to.

  • Image of large open space with sculptures


    Installation is simple and quick.

    Waymap's advanced location technology means that we can accurately locate and guide our users with the smallest number of beacons. This reduces costs and makes it possible to navigate through large open spaces with high ceilings and architectural restrictions.

Our users truly rely on us

Our first goal is to give people confidence in public spaces whoever they are.

Our Blog

News and opinion from Waymap and our community



One of the greatest sources of exclusion for disabled people is the restricted social engagement that comes from limited travel. The key barrier to overcome is the fear of not being able to complete their journey or suddenly being dependent upon strangers for assistance.

Waymap's mission is to improve the independent movement of visually impaired and other vulnerable people in public spaces.

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Wayfindr standard for audio navigation is user-centred, not technology-driven

Wayfindr's Open Standard for audio navigation has recently been approved by the International Telecommunications Union as ITU-T F.921 (read more here, ITU site). As a standard, it is a rare example which focusses on the quality of experience for the end user rather than technologies used to deliver it.

The focus on the quality of instruction ensures that the true needs of the user remain our benchmark.

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Waymap licences world leading location technology

Waymap has secured exclusive access to Cambridge Consultants breakthrough technology for indoor location for audio navigation services; Trace.

Delivering accurate indoor location information is the holy grail for developers of position systems. Many existing systems rely on expensive fixed infrastructure of multiple radio signals which are unreliable, especially in public spaces busy with people.

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US Standard for Audio-Navigation

Inclusive, Audio-based, Network Navigation Systems for All Persons including those Who are Blind/Low Vision (ANSI/CTA-2076).

The CTA standard for audio-based wayfinding and navigation leads the world in national standards for enabling independent access to public services for people with vision impairment. America is the first nation to adapt the ITU international standard to their own needs and Waymap believes this vital first step will improve the lives of many millions of people which will lead to wider adoption across the world.

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Technology Partner Press Release

Cambridge Consultants talk about their contribution to Waymap's breakthrough indoor location technology.

Breakthrough innovation specialist Cambridge Consultants has partnered with Waymap to create a unique smartphone service that helps visually impaired people to navigate through complex indoor spaces, such as public transport hubs. The service provides audio instructions to help the user to reach their destination with accuracy to within a single footstep. Crucially, there is no dependency on unreliable GPS signals or requirement to install specialist navigation equipment...

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ITU Accessible Europe

Waymap win top European award.

We were very pleased to accept the award for innovative digital solutions for persons with vision impairment at the ITU Accessible Europe event in Malta in December.

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